Flooring Contractors in New Orleans, Louisiana

Extraordinary concrete polishing, epoxy coating, terrazzo flooring & refurbishment, concrete restoration, concrete surface prep & repair.


Professional Coatings for Your Concrete Floors

EXTRAORDINARY FLOORING LLC. provides high-quality protective and decorative coatings for your concrete floors. We focus on installing and resurfacing all applications of coated, polished, and stained concrete. Our specialized coatings are perfect for almost any commercial/industrial facility, including those involved in the retail, manufacturing, medical and food & beverage industries. All our coatings are both durable & beautiful, and our team of experts will help you determine exactly which of our many applications meet your specific flooring needs.

The Extraordinary Flooring Service You’ve Been Looking For

We have the right solution to all your flooring needs! EXTRAORDINARY FLOORING LLC. is a reputable company, here to provide extraordinary, innovative flooring service. With excellent solutions to suit both industrial and commercial needs, we are your go-to service providers! Operating throughout New Orleans, LA. and all the other areas we serve, we aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction with each service rendered. Call us today!

What We Offer

EXTRAORDINARY FLOORING LLC. employs a team of seasoned flooring contractors capable of performing a wide range of quality services. Rely on us for top-grade industrial floors which are durable as well as easy to maintain. We offer Extraordinary epoxy coatings, polished concrete, concrete resurfacing, surface preparation & moisture Mitigation services. Let us provide a custom solution for your flooring needs.

Why Choose Us

At Extraordinary flooring we take the utmost pride in providing the most extraordinary results possible for all of our clients unique flooring situations. We strive to be the best in our specialty coatings solutions. We specialize in quick return to service facilities applications. Let us help you choose the right system for your unique flooring needs, budgets and time constraints. We will work with our team of seasoned manufacturing professionals to design the best solution to solve your unique needs. From manufacturing plants, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, retail or warehouse facilities. We have provided a short list at the bottom of the landing page of some of the companies who depend on us for there flooring solutions. Let the EXTRAORDINARY TEAM provide EXTRAORDINARY FLOORING SOLUTIONS FOR YOU!