Five Tips for Maintaining Your Polished Concrete Flooring

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Polished concrete flooring with its sleek and modern aesthetic, polished concrete floors have become the epitome of contemporary style. But, of course, aesthetics are just one part of the equation. Proper maintenance is key to truly making the most of your investment and preserving the stunning allure of your floors. To help you maximize the lifespan and beauty of your polished concrete floors, we’ve put together five essential tips for their maintenance. From daily routines to occasional deep cleaning, these tips will ensure your floors remain in top-notch condition for years to come.

Tip#1: Proper floor mats

The easiest way to keep your floors clean is to prevent dirt from entering your space in the first place. Implementing proper outside and inside floor mats at each entry point is a simple yet effective way to minimize the dirt and debris on your polished concrete flooring. These mats act as the first line of defense, trapping dirt and moisture from shoes and preventing them from being tracked onto the floor.

Tip #2: Daily or weekly sweeping and dust mopping

Walking on dirty and sandy floors can gradually wear down their surface, much like using sandpaper. To minimize this effect, it’s crucial to incorporate a daily or weekly routine of sweeping or dust mopping your polished concrete floors. Removing loose debris and dust prevents them from being ground into the surface, preserving the floor’s shine and smoothness.

Tip #3: Daily or weekly floor scrubbing or mopping

Depending on the finality you desire, regular mopping or floor scrubbing is essential to maintaining the cleanliness of your polished concrete flooring. Ensure you have a clean mop and a bucket of fresh water when mopping. Swirling dirty mop water will only spread the grime around. For optimal maintenance, consider using a walk-behind floor scrubber whenever possible. These machines provide thorough cleaning with fresh solutions and effectively remove dirty water, leaving your floors sparkling clean.

Tip #4: Quarterly, bi-annually, or annual deep cleaning

Sometimes, more than regular maintenance may be required, especially in facilities that generate high levels of dirt and grime. In such cases, hiring a professional maintenance crew to perform deep cleaning is wise. These specialists will move furniture and objects that aren’t typically moved during daily or weekly routines, ensuring a meticulous cleaning of your polished concrete flooring. Periodic deep cleaning sessions will support your in-house staff in maintaining a pristine environment.

Tip #5: Re-top coating

Depending on the level of maintenance and the amount of wear and tear your floors endure, consider re-top coating every few years. This process involves applying an additional topcoat to your polished concrete flooring, rejuvenating its appearance and enhancing its longevity. Consulting with an extraordinary flooring professional is highly recommended to determine the ideal frequency and application for your specific needs.


Maintaining your polished concrete flooring is crucial to preserve its extraordinary appearance and functionality. By following these five essential tips—implementing proper floor mats, regular sweeping and dust mopping, floor scrubbing or mopping, occasional deep cleaning, and re-top coating when necessary—you can ensure your floors remain in exceptional condition. At Extraordinary Flooring LLC., we offer expert advice and exceptional services to help you achieve extraordinary results.

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